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    I have an application that contains 2 datagrids. One masterdatagrid and one detaildatagrid. When a user clicks on a record in the Masterdatagrid, the detaildatagrid becomes visible with the contents of the entire record.<BR><BR>Currently the detaildatagrid has a custom layout (vertical).<BR><BR>What I want to do is to allow the user to edit the record if necessary. The problem is that I cannot find anywhere a reference or book that will tell me how to accomplish this. There are plenty of links and books that tell you how to accomplish this via the wizard or traditional horizontal layout but I can&#039;t afford the space to do horizontal layout.<BR><BR>In my script I have employed the use of ItemTemplates and EditItemTemplates however, when I click on the edit button, the detaildatagrid just disappears. No errors or trace error.<BR><BR>Can anyone clear up how to do this for me or point me in the direction of a good link?<BR><BR>Thank you very much.<BR>Tim

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    You must rebind when you set an edit mode.<BR><BR>Dino Esposito has written a bunch of stuff about heirarchal grids.

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