Hey all. I am running Crystal 9 with the Report Application server on the web server. We were using the crystal that comes with Visual Studio 2003 on the web server, but I don&#039;t think its supposed to work that way. Besides we started having problems; after generating alot of PDF reports, that report generator would eventually lock up. It was suggested that we go with the RAS software that came with Crystal 9. Anyways, I was wondering if someone had a web config file I could use for the web server? Also I assume that this means the web.config files on the local dev machines would be different, as we are still using Crystal that comes with Vstudio 2003 on those.<BR><BR>FYI, our original configuration for development was each person had their own dev machine running IIS with visual studio 2003. Then files were copied and compiled on the web server and used from there, with Vstudio 2003 being installed on the web server. Having convinced management that we need a true dev server, its ironic as heck that I can&#039;t get this thing configured once we got it in here. We haven&#039;t changed our production environment, pending getting this new dev machine up and running properly.<BR><BR>Any help would be much apreciated.<BR>-Pin <BR>