I am attempting to setup WebMatrix on my XP pro machine. Program seems to load ok, and I have also installed .Net1.1 just to be sure – though I think I was already running it…<BR><BR>WebMatrix loads and I can create a new file, but no matter what I do I cannot run the WebMatrix web server. My browser opens with an error sound and goes to http://localhost/Test6.aspx, but there is no page, no file structure and I don’t see the ‘saturn’ icon I am supposed to.<BR><BR>I have altered the following files per Wrox’s instructions in ASP.net 1.1:<BR><BR>WebMatrix.exe.config – added the following code BEFORE the &#060;runtime&#062; section:<BR>&#060;startup&#062;<BR> &#060;supportedRuntime version=”1.1.4322” /&#062;<BR>&#060;/startup&#062;<BR><BR>And I have created a new file named WebServer.exe.config as they suggested:<BR>&#060;?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?&#062;<BR>&#060;configuration&#062;<BR> &#060;startup&#062;<BR> &#060;supportedRuntime version="1.1.4322" /&#062;<BR> &#060;/startup&#062;<BR>&#060;/configuration&#062;<BR><BR>I allowed WebMatrix to default to port 80 when setting up. When that didn’t work, I chose port 8080 per Wrox’s suggestion, but that made no difference.<BR><BR>Wrox suggested opening WebServer.exe from Explorer if Webmatrix couldn’t launch it automatically – they said I would see a properties dialog showing the port #, physical paths, virtual paths, etc. But this app just doesn’t want to open. So I have no way of knowing if it’s a port issue.<BR><BR>Wrox also suggested changing the port through the command prompt, but that just gave me a generic Windows error sound and nothing seemed to happen.<BR><BR>I should also mention that the files I am trying to create and open are on an E: partition of the C: drive. I also tried creating the files on the C: drive, but nothing was any different.<BR><BR>I have granted Web Matrix rights through ZoneAlarm firewall, and have even tried it with ZA off.<BR><BR>I am running SQL Server 2000 on this box, but the SQL Server hasn’t been started and running at all during any of this.<BR><BR>At this point I have exhausted everything I know to do, or that my book suggests. Has anyone ever encountered this? Anything would help.<BR><BR>Also, if I can’t run the WebMatrix server locally, but I do have access to a .Net host, does it even matter? Can’t I just run tests on a shared .Net host?<BR><BR>Thanks - and happy memorial day to you. I hope you have no personal reasons to mark this day.<BR><BR>KurtW<BR>