Can ASP check window registry?

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Thread: Can ASP check window registry?

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    Dear Gurus/Members,<BR> I am a newbie in ASP. I would like to know whether can ASP check the windows registry? I developed a website that requires a specific software. During the one-time installation, the installer will store a string of registry number into regedit on user&#039;s PC. After that, whenever user clicks on a button on the website to call the software, the ASP command will check regedit folder whether the registry exist. If there is no such string, it will prompt user to install the software. Otherwise, it will proceed. My main concern is whether can ASP detect and check the user&#039;s PC (regedit) for the registry? If not, can VB script or Javascript does that? Can I have a sample of the codes for the matter mentioned above? Any suggestions and ideas are higher appreciated. Hope to hear some reply soon.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Janice

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    client-side? definitely not. think about it. no client-side code can do this.<BR><BR>Signed ActiveX can.

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