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    i am trying to do the validation controls, but when i execute, i get the message <BR><BR>Unable to find script library &#039;/aspnet_client/system_web/1_1_4322/WebUIValidation.js&#039; try placing this file manually, or reinstall by running "aspnet_regiis -c&#039;.<BR> <BR>i see the file in c:program files/1_1_4322_573, but i do not know what to do to have the program find it.

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    Hello there<BR><BR>I was reading the same book you are and was getting the same problem. After reading your post, You actully gave me the idea to fix this, which did work: here you go:<BR><BR>1)you can see this link:<BR>c:program files/1_1_4322_573<BR>in this location there is the file you will need: WebUIValidation.js.<BR><BR>2) copy this file<BR><BR>3) Create a folder at c:program files/<BR>with the folder name being "1_1_4322" then paste the file you copied before into it.<BR><BR>This works.<BR><BR>Thanks

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