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    Hi,<BR><BR>I am trying to insert into a Access DB Table, which has a autonumber field.<BR><BR>When I insert using a sql statement from ASP, what value should I use for that field?<BR><BR>ravi<BR>

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    hi,<BR><BR>you are not able to insert into an autonumber field, that is automacially done (incremented) by access. having said that, for example, if you have a table, named table_zoo with the following attributes:<BR><BR>table_zoo<BR>---------<BR>animal_id (**autonumber type)<BR>animal_name<BR>animal_weight<BR><BR>then your SQL statement would look like this:<BR>INSERT INTO table_zoo (animal_name, animal_desc)<BR>VALUES (&#039Tiger&#039,&#039 300&#039)<BR><BR>and animal_id would automatically be incremented. hope this helps! :)

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