Hi,<BR><BR>Going crazy trying to figure out a way... So my problem is that I need to be able to print a printer-friendly version of the page that the user is on. My thought was to somehow detect what is on the page (using the streamreader in combination with the response object or something, or by somehow rendering each control one by one) and sending it to be printed on the client side.<BR><BR>Now, I know about the javascript "window.print", but it doesn&#039;t help me in this situation. I&#039;m also starting to get familiar with the PrintDocument class, but I don&#039;t know it well enough to be able to implement it correctly (or it&#039;s not working). Lastly, I&#039;m not sure how to grab the contents of the current page (so that I can filter on the printer friendly elements only), but I can probably figure that one out on my own.<BR><BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated. I&#039;ve searched everywhere and cannot find any relavent code samples to get me going.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Willis