I found your article about Pre-Selecting items in a CheckBoxList from the aspnet.4guysfromrolla.com, and I found it extremely helpful.<BR><BR>Thanks to you. I&#039;ve been looking for such kind of solution for days.<BR><BR>I am doing similar work right now, and I did try your solution. But I still get some problems.<BR><BR>Wondering if you could spare a time to help me further.<BR><BR>I am not fluent with with C#, I didn&#039;t learn anyhting about it and now I have to do projects with it.<BR><BR>So I do apologize if you will find me a bit slow.<BR><BR>Ok.. now my case goes like this:<BR><BR>I have 3 tables, let&#039;s say Person Table (Person ID, PersonName), Person_Interest Table (ID, PersonID(fk), InterestID(fk), and Interest Table (InterestID, Interest).<BR><BR>Person--(PersonID)--&#062;Person_Interest&#060;--(InterestID)--Interest <BR> <BR><BR>What I need to do first is getting all the Interest from the Interest table into the CheckListBox.<BR><BR>I did this by using ArrayList and select * from the interest table and put them into rows.<BR><BR>internal static Interest[] GetAllInterest()<BR><BR>{<BR><BR>ArrayList interestArrayList = new ArrayList();<BR><BR>using (SqlConnection con = Connectivity.GetConnection())<BR><BR>{<BR><BR>con. Open();<BR><BR>SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("SELECT Interest FROM Interest ORDER BY Interest" , con);<BR><BR>//cmd.Parameters.Add("@ID", SqlDbType.UniqueIdentifier).Value = ID;<BR><BR>SqlDataReader reader = cmd.ExecuteReader();<BR><BR>while (reader.Read())<BR><BR>{<BR><BR>object[] values = new object[6];<BR><BR>reader.GetValues(values);<BR><BR>interest ArrayList.Add(SerialiseRowToObject(values));<BR><B R>}<BR><BR>reader.Close();<BR><BR>reader = null;<BR><BR>cmd = null;<BR><BR>con.Close();<BR><BR>}<BR><BR>return interestArrayList.ToArray(typeof(Interest)) as Interest[];<BR><BR>}<BR><BR>Next, I have put some data in all tables.<BR><BR>And I need to do the pre-selecting interest checkboxes depending on the value in Person_Interest table, of what Interests belong to particular person.<BR><BR>I tried your solution, but getting some errors coz I am not sure where does currentCheckBox relate to, and coz I didn&#039;t use listItem.<BR><BR>And my further case is, I have to be able to insert new interests for a person by checking the boxes and record its interests into the Person_Interest table,<BR><BR>and also be able to update (chechking/unchecking) interests, and again, record whatever checked/uncehcked as the value of the InterestID in the Person_Interest table.<BR><BR>Thank you so much and much for taking time to help me.<BR><BR>