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    I used to have an asp page that rendered a complete table by traversing the results of a recordet from within a repeater region..<BR>it also hid or showed a couple of extra columns of the table according to user access level.<BR><BR>what would be the best way to replicate this in .NET?<BR><BR>1. Repeater with templates <BR>2. Datalist with templates<BR>3. Datagrid<BR><BR>do 1 and 2 allow for if.. then.. else statements from inside the templates or the addition of an extra column or something in the case of the datagrid<BR><BR>would appreciate your input<BR><BR>regards <BR><BR>mb<BR>

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    Each of those controls could be useable for your needs.<BR><BR>HAve a look at the extensive examination of the datagrid on the main site, it will help you.

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