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    When I use POST method to give some variable to another asp page, I want that variable in that another page store in hidden field. I try this:<BR>&#060;input type="hidden" name="var" value="request(&#039var2&#039)"&#062;<BR>But this does not work. If I delete the "", that wont work also.<BR>How do I do it?

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    Your code:<BR>&#060;input type="hidden" name="var" value="request(&#039var2&#039)"&#062;<BR><BR>Try this:<BR>&#060;input type="hidden" name="var" value=&#060;%request.form("var2")%&#062;&#062;<BR> <BR>It looks like you were trying request data from the form without going into script.<BR><BR>-tension7<BR>ilikeasp@boxofficemoney.com

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