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    Sorry, can&#039;t help :-)<BR><BR>Nice though, took me a while to realise what the hell you were on about and why it was UK-specific.<BR><BR>Must have been the fact it was so well hidden and not in a box with a bright background... ;-)<BR><BR>Craig.

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    GUILDFORD, UK - THREE .NET DEVELOPERS REQUIRED <BR><BR>I *urgently* need three decent .NET developers for a project based in Guildford, UK. <BR><BR>The position is a contract-to-perm position. Six month contract initially, then coming in on a permanent basis. You will be required to work on site, so being based within commutable distance of Guildford would be advantageous! <BR><BR>The project is heavily based on ASP.NET, Web Services and SQL Server. Good OO and modelling skills a plus. <BR><BR>Please forward your CV to <BR><BR>Cheers,<BR>Matt Reynolds - .NET 247&#039;s founder

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