several of my usercontrols have a variable set in the control declaration. I then grab it in the usercontrol via the property. I then usually allow this setting to be overridden by a querystring.<BR><BR>Up to this point, I&#039;ve been checking the control properties on the VB page individually, and then checking for the query strings individually. This, of course, is getting tedious, so I attempted to create a function where I simply call it with the particular variable I&#039;m looking for. Then, the function will check for the property, then the query string, and if it finds either, will send it back to me. If it finds neither, it will return a &#039;set<BR>a default value&#039;.<BR><BR>HOWEVER, it doesn&#039;t appear that I can stick the property inside of a function--at least not with the syntax I am using. Is there a way to grab the property inside a function? The following code gives me a &#039;cannot use property as a child of function&#039; (I&#039;m paraphrasing there a bit...)<BR><BR>SAMPLE:<BR><BR>function getControlVariable(VariableToGet)<BR>&#039; check CONTROL declaration<BR> dim cntrlProp_VariableToGet As string<BR> Property VariableToGet As string<BR> Get<BR> return cntrlProp_VariableToGet<BR> end Get<BR> set<BR> cntrlProp_VariableToGet = value<BR> end set<BR> end Property<BR><BR>&#039;check querystring<BR> dim qryStr_VariableToGet as String = Request.QueryString(VariableToGet)<BR> if qryStr_VariableToGet &#060;&#062; "" then<BR> VariableToGet = qryStr_VariableToGet<BR> else &#039; else see if there was a property, if not set to default value<BR> if cntrlProp_VariableToGet &#060;&#062; "" then<BR> VariableToGet = cntrlProp_VariableToGet<BR> else<BR> VariableToGet = "setDefault"<BR> end if<BR> end if<BR>end function<BR><BR>