I'm a newbie to the .NET environment and am having some difficulty configuring a Web site to allow remote access for testing prior to deployment. The headache is that I have two separate sites (they are independent of each other), one that I can access successfully from outside the local network and one that I cannot. The one I'm able to access was built with Web Matrix, so all the code for each page is in a single file and there is no global configuration file being used. The one that I'm having trouble with was built with Visual Studio.NET and uses code-behind pages as well as a global.asax and Web.config file. Is there an option I can set (I'm thinking it's in the Web.config file, though I have experimented with the authentication and authorization modes with no luck) to allow access from remote computers outside the local network, or are there settings that I need to change inside Visual Studio that will allow remote access? Any and all advice and insight is greatly appreciated.