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    How do I filter individual contents to individual authorized users? (I&#039;m using Dreamweaver MX) I have created a login page so authorized users can access restricted pages in my site. But, I would like to enable each user to update/change his/her own profile. How do create/add a filtered welcome page, containing links such as "update my profile", "view my catalog", etc., that pertains solely to one user? I have tried several ways using the filters available in recordset but the results have been either access errors (page not available/accessible) or the entire table of user information displays showing all users&#039; information, which is unacceptable. My Access database has a table of authorized users (containing names, addresses, login, password, access level, etc.), a table called "catalog" which contains all my products, repeated several times because different users picked the same products to build/create his own catalog, among other tables. I would like, when a user logs-in, to enable him/her to view and change his/her own profile and access his/her own catalog (not all others&#039; catalogs and info). What am I doing wrong or missing? Is there any model application such as this out there so I can view how it was done? or even use it?<BR><BR>Many thanks in advance?<BR><BR>Christina

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    I think your problem is you&#039;re relying on Dreamweaver too much. this trick is relatively easy. you justy have to have some way of knowing who&#039;s logged in (usuallt a session variable) and constructiong your update forms around this variable.

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