Hi all,<BR><BR>It&#039;s me again, I guess I&#039;m still confused with the concept of "more than one parameters" in general because most of the examples I&#039;ve found on the web or books that I&#039;m using only show how to pass one parameter to function, or datacontrols (i.e. datagrid, etc). So here I am asking question again.<BR><BR>This time it&#039;s re: datagrid. I need to make one column as a hyperlink and pass two parameters on the next page. I know how to do it with 1 parameter:<BR><BR>Text field: product<BR><BR>URL field: ProductID<BR><BR>URL format string: moredetail.aspx?pid={0}<BR><BR>but I&#039;m clueless as how to add additional parameter using the Property Builder -&#062; Column (in VisualStudio.NET).<BR><BR>Is it possible to add the parameter from the Property Builder, or should I add it from the [CODE BEHIND] or [HTML] section?<BR><BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Jap<BR><BR><BR><BR> <BR>