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Thread: IIS4 Metatag or ASP?

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    Anybody know any html header metatage or asp code that will run under IIS4 to basically send the user to another ip address that includes the header information?<BR><BR>I have an IIS4 box that is moving to an IIS6 box with the same 3 websites. However, under IIS6, I&#039;m using one ip for three websites and letting the header information steer the request to the right location. But, until all dns changes propogate across the internet, I want to have a page on the old web server that sends folks to the new web server. If I send to the url alone, the IIS4 box just sends folks to itself. So, how do I tell the IIS4 page to send to the same url but at a different ip address - keeping the text url? Keeping in mind that I can&#039;t use ONLY the ip address because the server hosts 3 different websites.<BR><BR>IIS4 url www.myurl.com<BR>IIS6 url www.myurl.com

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    You can&#039;t.<BR><BR>Quite simply, you can&#039;t.<BR><BR>What you&#039;re talking about is your IIS4 box changing the DNS for a client, surely?<BR><BR>If you could, most spammers/peddlers would be doing this to redirect all requests to barclays.co.uk to illegal-barclays-front.co.uk behind your back.<BR><BR>The ONLY way is to set up three "dummy" host headers for the move, and let these propogate first. Point them all at (say www2.myurl.com). Then, make your IIS4 box redirect all requests for www.myurl.com to www2.myurl.com (which has already successfully propagated).<BR><BR>Set up both www and www2 for all domains on the IIS6 box, and you&#039;re sorted.<BR><BR>Not neat, but it&#039;ll work.<BR><BR>Craig.

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