I am new to the forum. I have done some research on user controls and am unble to get some clarification on it&#039;s use.<BR><BR>I am working on a web based project in VB.NET. In the default page I added couple of user controls like <BR>Top: Header.ascx,<BR>Left: LeftTree.ascx,<BR>Main Body: Map.ascs, Search.ascx, Reports.ascx, and some more user controls. At any point only one (or required) user control/s will be visible in the main body section.<BR>Bottom: Footer.ascx<BR><BR>First of all I could not find a similar design when I googled on this type of design, where everything is accomplished in a single default.aspx page (may be couple of other pages like login.aspx etc) using usercontrols.<BR><BR>I would appreacaite if some one can help me out to get clarification on couple of issues with this design.<BR><BR>1. Is this design recommended compared to seperate aspx pages. The advantage that I found with this design is the data to be passed between pages is not exposed to the user. I am currently passing data through viewstate and event handlers where the event will be raised from one usercontrol and the handler is written on other user control or default.aspx.<BR><BR>2. The code is getting complex and I am being forced to create many event/handlers for the logic to work. Since the envet and handlers are both on two different user controls I am wiring them up maually. But as you can see the code gets confusing understand after a point. It is like the "goto" statement in C languge which was not a good practice. Is this an efficient way to go about or is there any other design that can help me overcome the problem of passing data between user controls.<BR><BR>3. I have not done much research in sessions but I was told that it is not efficient way to save lot of information in sessions as it eatsup the server resources. I guess same is true with Viewstate as the performance gets down if Viewstate is used to save lot of data.<BR><BR>4. Finally is there a better approach to design the front end other than using uer controls. The reason I liked user controls is one need not repeat the code in each page like for header and footer etc. You just do it once in one page (default.aspx) and then update the user controls based on the porgram logic and user actions. The hard part is passing the application data between the controls.<BR><BR>Thanks for your time and help,<BR>Sai