This might sound like a stupid question but I&#039;m the only developer here and need some guidance in this issue..<BR><BR>I got a ViewState error a while back and I asked the forum about it:<BR><BR>I read that link to here :<BR>;EN-US;323744<BR><BR>and it mentions:"Microsoft recommends that you wait for the next .NET Framework service pack that contains this fix"<BR><BR>So, I&#039;m not sure what I need here.. I currently have Microsoft Development Environment 2002, with .Net Framework 1.0 <BR><BR> Do I need to get .Net 2003 ( I hope not, company wont pay) or do I just need to get .Net Framework 1.1 (which is free) To fix this viewstate issue? I seem to be getting it a lot..<BR><BR>Thanks in advance..