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    ...I thought you guys will have come across this before. If not, or if you know a better forum to post this question, please point me in the right direction.<BR><BR>You probably all know the scenario. You&#039;ve got a large database with thousands of records and each record points to an image (filename and path) and contains additional information (caption, etc.). Now, if you were to store all images in the same folder, then the server will have a hard time trying to find the image when requested. Would be better to split the images into smaller groups and put them into sub-folders?<BR><BR>For example, let&#039;s say the image are all named based on the hex value of an ID, so we&#039;ve got FFFFFFFF.jpg and ABCDEF01.jpg and 12345678.jpg, etc. If I was to create sub-folders based on the first two letters of the name, I would end up with up to 256 sub-folder, each with hundreds of images in. I could repeat this once more within each sub-folder to make the number of images smaller again.<BR><BR>What&#039;s the view on this scenario? Is it better to have one large folder with thousands of images, or create one or two sub-folders to split the number of images into smaller groups?<BR><BR>Oliver.

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    We&#039;ve done the same for a large webshop we developed, it was great for performance!<BR><BR>In our case the filenames were numerical, so we created 10 directories each with 10 subdirectories and the paths are now like this:<BR>.../images/4/7/478236.jpg<BR><BR>I would certainly recommend doing this if there are a LOT of files in the same directory.

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