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Thread: Create an Search Page for data in pdf files

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    Default Create an Search Page for data in pdf files

    I have a folder with many PDF files. I want to build a search page that returns results based off of text in the pdf files. I would like the results page to display the file name and the first couple of lines of text that&#039;s in the pdf file. <BR><BR>Can anyone give me some direction on how to begin this task?

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    Default Have you ever actually...

    ...*looked* at the contents of a PDF file? Just use NOTEPAD to open one and look at it.<BR><BR>If you haven&#039;t, go do so right now. It will be an eye-opener.<BR><BR>Do you see anything in there that even *RESEMBLES* text? Text that you could search by using the FileSystemObject?<BR><BR>I sure don&#039;t.<BR><BR>PDF files can *NOT* be treated as if they were text files. Period.<BR><BR>The best hope you would have of doing something like this would be to take each PDF file and extract *ONLY* the text from it and put that text into a ".txt" file of the same name. Then search the ".txt" files.<BR>

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