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    Something odd is happening.<BR><BR>I have this text on the screen: "It&#039;s" but it&#039;s being interpreted like: "Itr&#039;s"<BR><BR>Also, I have "Allenr&#039;s" and all other words that have an apostrophe have an &#039;r&#039; placed before it.<BR><BR>I checked the view source and the &#039;r&#039; is not there! <BR><BR>What is happening?<BR><BR>I know that the text comes from a colleague who is on a computer in Spain. I inserted it using a WYSIWYG text editor. But, I thought I cleansed it through pasting and copying it in Notepads before inserting it into the WYSIWYG editor.<BR><BR>I think the unicode formatting has not changed. How can I change it without retyping the long article?<BR><BR>

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    what format did it come in originally?<BR><BR>sounds like a charset problem to me....

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