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    Hi!<BR><BR>I wonder if it is possible to do a search with SQL ("SELECT * FROM tbl WHERE column1 LIKE &#039;%" strQ "%&#039;")<BR>AND jump over some of the content in that column.<BR>Like this.<BR>If I have two posts, and whant to search a string column<BR>post1: "I have a computer"<BR>post2: "you like my &#060;img src=&#039;computer.jpg&#039;&#062;"<BR>Then I dont whant SQL to search for words within &#060; this two &#062;.<BR>So if I search for IMG then I will not find it!<BR><BR>Is that possible?<BR><BR>Best regards...

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    I *believe* that MySQL supports regular expressions in queries. SQL Server supports a *VERY* limited set of possibilities. Access supports almost nothing.<BR><BR>In any case, with any DB, if you need this kind of thing on a regular basis, probably best way is to store the strings in the DB in two formats: with and without the HTML tags.<BR><BR>

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