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    I have a page that currently runs a Stored Procedure and where the results are greater than one, a page is displayed with the mulitple rows. Clicking on the &#060;A&#062;&#060;/A&#062; item will cause the page to go into Javascript which in turn sets the window.location.href. If one row is brought back it goes into a sub where it does a redirect and the page is never goes back to the main screen with that result. This is working as I need it to.<BR><BR>Here is my problem....I need to piggy back into this code and I am having problems. In certain situations, when the SP brings back one row I need to write out a form (which currently isn&#039;t being done but I am fine with adding one in), however, I need to submit the form and I don&#039;t know how to do this. <BR><BR>This is the situation where (1)I do not want to display the results of the SP (and the page I am currently on) because I only had one brought back, (2)I just want to update some hidden fields (which I believe that I am doing). This form only contains hidden fields and there is not a submit button.<BR><BR>I know in VBScript I can write a procedure that will allow me to have document.formname.action = "page.asp" and document.formname.submit. When I have done this in the past I have had a click or change event that calls it and I don&#039;t have one of those events now.<BR><BR>Can someone please help?

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    in your body tag put an OnLoad="document.formName.submit();"

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