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Thread: Need help getting the URL of the browser...

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    Hi all. I&#039;ve been studying the JAvascript book loads lately and have gotten much better! Thanks to all that help.<BR><BR>What I am building is an access control script that will let me know if the user is trying to modify the url (I have the script in an onUnload event in the body tag of my site with frames). What I need to be able to do is to check to see if the user type url/doamin is different then mine. The problem I am having is when a user opens up a page, browses straight to mine, then tries to modify the directory structure of the url, I can&#039;t see anything but the url that was there BEFORE the user modified it. <BR><BR>I have tried everything in the window, location, and history objects with no success. Does the page have to fully load before I have access to it? Is this possible to do or do I need to do a check on every one of my pages to see if the user has modified the url?<BR><BR>Thanks much!<BR><BR>Brian<BR><BR>

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    ...what do you mean by "modify the url"????<BR><BR>A user can type anything he/she wants to into the Address bar of the browser. There&#039;s nothing you can do to stop that.<BR><BR>What is it you are trying to prevent????<BR><BR>

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