Causing global.asa reload on network attached stor

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Thread: Causing global.asa reload on network attached stor

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    Hi everyone,<BR><BR>This is probably one the most complicated problems I have run into...hopefully it will have a simple answer. We have a VB web application broken over two servers: TELA is the Windows2003 web server, and SUZY is the network attached storage that contains the .asp pages.<BR><BR>In a standard setup with the .asp pages on the webserver anytime we change global.asa the application restarts with the new information. For some reason this isnt the case with the split setup. If I change the file on SUZY nothing is reflected when hitting the website. In fact I can rename or delete the file on SUZY, and eveything continues on the TELA webserver. Im not sure, but I think this has something to do with the way the TELA webserver is caching information from the attached storage device.<BR><BR>In addition to saving global.asa I have also tried renaming it, and then naming it back; stopping the website and starting it; removing the "application name" from the virtual directory and then adding it back.<BR><BR>The easy answer to causing a refresh is to restart the webservices, or machine. The problem is that I have several other websites, virual directories, etc on the same box, so I cant restart anything unrelated to this specific website. Is there anything else I can do to cause global.asa to reload, without affecting the other websites on the machine?<BR><BR>Cant wait to see some ideas...thanks!<BR><BR>-Marc

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    hit the &#039;unload&#039; button onder &#039;home directory in IIS SM.<BR><BR><BR>j<BR>

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