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    Hello,<BR>I would like to print multiple pages from one button. For example, I have a page with a grid on it. The grid displays the search results and I have a check box there. User clicks on the check box or check boxes and then hits the print button. Is this possible from a WEB form???

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    You can&#039;t control the printer directly, so your only option is to (once they click the button), open each of the checked items in their own window, and print them manually.<BR><BR>You can cause them to call window.print(), so the user doesn&#039;t have to click "print" again, automatically. But they WILL have to "confirm" each page being printed individually.<BR><BR>The only other solution would be to concatenate the pages together programmatically (by scripting the OWC components?) into a Word document, and then send that to the user to print.<BR><BR>Craig.

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