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    Hello,<BR> I&#039;ve a problem with date validation.I&#039;ve 2 fields in my page, current date and warranty date.If the warranty date entered by the user is less than the current date , i want an error msg to be displayed.Right now the problem i&#039;m facing is ,suppose i give <BR>current date:05/21/2004(mm/dd/yyyy)<BR>warranty date:05/20/2008<BR>i get the msg(war date cannot be less than curdate),even though the wardate is greater than the curdate,but only the &#039;dd&#039; part of the wardate is less than the &#039;dd&#039; part of the curdate.How do i do such date validations? pls help me<BR>

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    Show what you already have. Looks to me like you&#039;re comparing strings.<BR><BR>Craig.

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