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    Is it possible to have 3 datagrids relating to one another? The operation is something like shopping cart.<BR>Datagrid1, the master datagrid, (invisible) will contain all the data from the database. <BR><BR>Datagrid 2 will contain data from Datagrid 1 (Exact Fields), data will be those that the user had not selected to add into Datagrid 3.<BR><BR>Datagrid 3 will contain the information of whatever the user had selected from Datagrid 2. Datagrid 3 is the shopping cart. Datagrid 2 will be the shop. This will prevent the user from selecting the item again. Datagrid 1 is the datagrid which hold the information. The others are just for displaying. User could remove items from the Datagrid 3. Removed items will go back to Datagrid 2.<BR><BR>Possible? I do hope that I am explaining this clearly. Even my head is dizzy from this.

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    it doesnt make sense to "store data" in a datagrid

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