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Thread: getting listbox items from a pop up

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    Default getting listbox items from a pop up

    Sorry for the Xpost but I waited for a while before doing this and another reason is I need some immediate help. So though of posting it here.<BR><BR> <BR>I have a form which got a listbox on it. There is a link besides the listbox which opens up a pop up window which has two listboxes. User selects items from listbox1 and the selected items go to listbox2. <BR><BR>Now when the user clicks on the close linkbutton on the pop up, I want to show his selections in the listbox on the parent form. <BR><BR>Is there is an easy way to accomplish it? <BR><BR>Thanks for your inputs!

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    Default Do it all in JS...

    ...just have the close button on the popup copy all the listbox2 options to the list in the parent form.<BR><BR>Basically, same code you used when copying from listbox1 to listbox2. Remove all the options in the parent&#039;s listbox first and then just copy.<BR><BR>

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