I&#039;m finding that I can&#039;t seem to get a SelectedItem property from a RadioButtonList in my repeater. I posted about it, but with no responses I had to try something different. <BR>I wondered if my problem was with data-bound controls, so I tried to programatically create seperate radio buttons in a group instead of using a bound RadioButtonList. <BR>I got this to work from a display aspect, but now when I try to do a FindControl when the form is submitted:<BR><BR>Dim currentRB As RadioButton = CType(rptQuestions.Items(i).FindControl("mcAns" & i2), WebControls.RadioButton)<BR><BR>------<BR><BR>I always end up with "Nothing" for the RadioButton.<BR>So my question is, do I need to find the RadioButton group first and then FindControl again below that to get the individual RadioButtons? If yes, what kind of control is a RadioButton group? I don&#039;t see that as a control type. If anyone could shed a little light on this I&#039;d really appreciate it. It&#039;s holding everything up!<BR>Thanks!<BR><BR>Matt