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    ..I have a Loop running and spitting out Radio buttons and their name is dependant on the loop ex:<BR><BR>1st run of loop causes the 1st set of radios to be called Media1 and the 2nd run causes the 2nd set of radios to be called Media2 and so on etc...<BR><BR>I dont know how many loops that will be run, so what I need to do is....<BR><BR>I want to when a user click a text box that the corisponding radio will be selected...How..?<BR><BR>I thought I had it with some code I once used before on something else, but NO!....<BR><BR>Any help would be great, thank you...

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    Default I don't get it...

    So you have a set of radio buttons all named Media17, let&#039;s day.<BR><BR>And the user clicks on the &#060;INPUT Name="text17"&#062; and you want to check some radio button in the Media17 group. Fine. That&#039;s easy enough. But *WHICH* radio button in that group/set????<BR><BR>More description and/or an example would go a long way to helping clarify this.<BR><BR>

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