Can asp create dynamic resellar pages?

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Thread: Can asp create dynamic resellar pages?

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    Default Can asp create dynamic resellar pages?

    Hello, can asp take a page and replicate it for an affiliate?<BR><BR>If so, what does it need to do this?<BR><BR>Imagine 4 guys from rolla selling their book . YOu want to be an affiliate. You sign up. And immediately after you do, you get a url<BR><BR><BR>That is the SAME page as the potential sales page for the book, but when the order goes through, the referral is credited to the affiliate.<BR><BR>Simple with perl, but asp? How do you generate that page on the fly. Is it the file system object I am struggling with?<BR><BR>This is a valuable tool and asp users don&#039t use it or sell it to businesses. I am shocked...<BR><BR>Joel

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    Jason Miller Guest

    Default Why not just use a QS?

    Maybe I&#039m missing something here (1.25 billion records have made it a long day), but why not just have one purchase.asp page which can test for an affiliate in the queryString and pass that through? Then you don&#039t have to worry about upgrade anomalies or unchecked, uncached pages dragging down server performance.<BR><BR>/purchase.asp?thanks=bob<BR>/purchase.asp?thanks=alan<BR>/purchase.asp?thanks=steve<BR>/purchase.asp<BR>One file, one update, one compile, one cache.

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    Default I'm stupid..I can't belive it...

    Ok, bear with I am not to familiar with this end...<BR><BR>You&#039re seeing the logic being that as long as they have a cookie stored, with a database recordset, as long as the X page receives the request from a url with this querystring, all should work...therefore not needing a shtick to create on the fly web pages like<BR><BR>Hmmmm, if I had half a brain in my head, I would know how to use this...interesting...<BR><BR>PS. Is this the idea?<BR><BR>I have a database that captures the affiliate id and all the goodies.<BR><BR>The querystring passes that id, right? If so, then, what code syntax, if I may ask, would be use on purchase.asp to recognize ANY affiliate automatically to give credit for the sale?<BR><BR>I am not advanced asp but I think I can visualize how this woudl work...this is beyond F-ING cool for those not willing to use perl...<BR><BR>Great job and thanks for your help. Am I even close?<BR><BR>Joel

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    icabod Guest

    Default It happens... :)

    The best way to pass that variable from the affiliate page to the purchase page is to store it as a cookie (or session variable)... I reccomend the cookie..<BR><BR>SYNTAX:<BR>AFFID = Request.QueryString("id")<BR>Response.Cookies("AFF ID")=AFFID<BR>&#039You may also want to set a long expiration if you want<BR>&#039to keep track of return visits due to that affiliate<BR>&#039Reponse.Cookies("AFFID").Expires = Now() + 1<BR>&#039In other words: Expire in 24 hrs. It&#039s up to you, really.<BR>Response.Redirect("someplaceonyoursite. asp")<BR><BR>Also, it might be helpful to record this VISIT into the database so you can see what percentage of visitors actually stick around to buy stuff. This can be used in conjenction with a Graph program to display the results graphically! The possibilities are endless! (somebody get me a tissue!)<BR><BR>Then, somewhere in the shopping cart, when the client BUYS something, have that AFFID put into a database or something so that you can use it later. <BR><BR>SYNTAX:<BR>If Request.Cookies("AFFID")&#060;&#062;"" Then<BR> rs.Fields("AFFID") = Request.Cookies("AFFID")<BR>Else<BR> rs.Fields("AFFID") = Null<BR>End If<BR><BR>You could probably attach a price to that, too, so you can pay the affiliates&#039 commission. It would be slightly more versitle than FSO creating folders and files and stuff.<BR><BR>Creating folders is a neat idea for static content, but I really can&#039t reccomend it in this case.<BR><BR>TIP: For that database... check out some of the cool articles about speeding up performance. If this is going to be a high-traffic site, you might as well make it as good as you can now.<BR><BR>Check these out:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Happy Progin&#039.

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