I&#039;m having trouble getting my .NET system started properly. Having installed the program, I can start new windows projects, but I&#039;m incapable of starting a web project. When I try, on localhost, I am told that the specified web server is not running ASP.net version 1.1 and cancels out. <BR><BR>I was under the impression that even if my local computer was not a server, I could still develop and run off of it. <BR><BR>I tried installing an ASP 1.1 patch from MS, and searched for this topic in these forums. I found a post that had the same problem as me, and suggested that a google page had advised that a setting in IIS needed to be changed. That solution didn&#039;t work for this poster, or for me. <BR><BR>So if anybody can point me in the right direction of how to fix this, or explain how to start designing a web page without using a ASP.NET project specification, I&#039;d really appreciate it. <BR><BR>Thanks, <BR><BR><BR>Mat