Hello. I&#039;m writing a web survey application that dynamically renders the survey based on db content (not a new idea, I know). I&#039;ve got it mostly working, but have a nagging problem holding me up.<BR><BR>I have a repeater on my WebForm that contains an item template that will render the text of the survey question, and a control to handle the answer. For now I only have two types of controls, a TextBox and a RadioButtonList. Both controls are defined in the html like this:<BR><BR>&#060;asp:TextBox ID="ans" Runat="server" Width="500" MaxLength="100" /&#062;<BR>&#060;asp:RadioButtonList ID="mcans" Runat="server" /&#062;<BR>-----------------<BR><BR>Then I have a OnItemDatabound event for the Repeater where I have logic that will either bind the RadioButtonList (If Not IsPostBack) and hide the textbox, or do nothing, which leaves the TextBox (and the RBL doesn&#039;t render since it&#039;s not bound).<BR><BR>This works very well and displays like I want it to, but it&#039;s when the form is submitted that I run into my problem. I iterate through the items collection of the repeater and use the following code to get the controls so I can grab the responses:<BR><BR>Dim currentTextBox As TextBox = CType(rptQuestions.Items(i).FindControl("ans"), WebControls.TextBox)<BR>Dim currentRBList As RadioButtonList = CType(rptQuestions.Items(i).FindControl("mcans"), WebControls.RadioButtonList)<BR><BR>For the TextBoxes, this works well and I cn access the .text property. For the RadioButtonLists, the currentRBList.SelectedItem is always nothing, even if there is a RadioButtonList control being rendered for that item and there&#039;s an item selected.<BR><BR>Anyone got any suggestions for how to diagnose/fix this? I was sure it was the same problem I had with the textboxes where I bound the repeater weather it was a postback or not. But I&#039;ve added logic to only bind the RadioButtonList when Not IsPostBack and I still can&#039;t get the property I need. <BR><BR>Hope this makes sense,<BR>TIA!<BR><BR>Matt