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    hi,<BR><BR>i have a really large form that if people fill it in, i would like it mailed to me f.e. It is a really large form and the only way i know how to do this is to get all the information via ASP to another page, with Request.Form, field by field. <BR>So my question is: is there a way to do this much easier, that the fields autmatically are requested and response.written in the same way as the form-layout. so everywhere where there is an input field, it automatically writes the value that is entered instead of the input field, and all the rest of the fields stay the same?<BR>cause i read that when you just do &#060;form action="mailto" method="post", that doesnt work very well.

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    No "simple" way. Yeah, a "mailto:" will work, but most people won&#039;t use the form (I certainly don&#039;t want to use something like that - it&#039;ll come from my Outlook/Outlook Express client, NOT from my disposable webmail email address - I don&#039;t want you to have my Outlook address!).<BR><BR>Craig.

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