I need to design a web site with more than 500 aspx files. If I include all of those files in a single web project, the duration of compilation and execution (along with debugging) through VS.NET is dead slow. As it has 17 modules, I decided to create 17 web projects in a single solution, so that I can compile only the modules (projects) I want. Till here everything is fine. <BR><BR>But the session state is not getting shared among all the projects in the solution. It exists only within the startup project. The members I put into Session in the startup project are accessible only within that project and not getting accessible in any other project within that solution.<BR><BR>So, I would like to have a "Multiple web project solution" to be designed having the common session, application and other states. Is it possible? Or else any other best suggestion to solve my issue!!<BR><BR>The hierarchy of Virtual directory structure, I created is something like as follows:<BR><BR>c:inetpubwwwroot<BR> ApplicationProject --&#062;Startup web project (Virtual Directory)<BR> SubProject1 --&#062;first Module (Virtual Directory)<BR> SubProject2 --&#062;second Module (Virtual Directory)<BR> SubProject3 --&#062;third Module (Virtual Directory)<BR><BR><BR><BR>