I am using an image as button to change the value of a session variable.<BR>So I created a sub called reload and I put a call to it in the onclick event<BR>of the image just like this...<BR>......onclick="reload"<BR>I used the script tag to define the sub, and inside it, <BR>I take the value from a session variable called "prcnt",<BR>I add 1 to it and reasign the value to the session variable.<BR>With the same image I have an anchor that loads a page in other frame, <BR>in that frame I show the session variable&#039s value.<BR><BR>Finally the problem is...<BR>When The frameset loads the first time, and I use the button the first time<BR>to change the value of the session variable, it works, but when I hit the<BR>button (image) the second time, it does not work anymore.<BR>Do you know what I mean!! I hope so.<BR>I really apreciate your help if you know about it. <BR>THANKS! (:})