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    Ian Stallings Guest

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    question for anyone - <BR><BR>Ok each variable has a ID assigned to it when<BR>retrived from a collection in a COM object. I need to <BR>write them to the screen based on that ID number. Basically <BR>I need all the variables with the same ID&#039s grouped together <BR>like so<BR><BR>variable ID#<BR><BR>variableW 00001<BR>variableE 00001<BR>variableZ 00001<BR><BR>variableS 00002<BR>variableF 00002<BR><BR><BR>What would be the best way to accomplish this?<BR>The collection is not organized in any paticular way.<BR>I&#039ve thought up a few ideas but I need to know the very best<BR>way.

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    Jason Buck Guest

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    Ian, the only thing that I can think of here is to insert your variable into a database or excel sheet and bring them back out before your page ever loads.<BR><BR>I guess the question is: what determines how many variables you pass from one page to the next?<BR>Is it a form?<BR><BR>Jason<BR><BR><BR>

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    Ian Stallings Guest

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    Actually the variables are being retrieved from a DB<BR>via a COM object. The logical thing would be to sort them<BR>with the COM object before they are placed into the<BR>collection. But we&#039re not dealing with logic here, it&#039s<BR>conglomo :)<BR><BR>Im just writing the variables to the screen. They&#039re <BR>purchase orders and they want the ones from certain suppliers<BR>to be grouped together. They can then be forwarded to other<BR>people, approved, etc.

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