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    I have just moved my db to shared hosting, and the server prevents the use of the filesystem object. I&#039;ve got server.createobject peppered everywhere, and I&#039;m wondering what is the best workaround, since I can no longer use it?<BR><BR>Should I use the vbscript createobject instead, and what kind of scope implications does that route have?<BR><BR>Anyone have any ideas on this? Anyone else had trouble moving from a dedicated server to shared hosting?<BR><BR>EJ

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    Does Server.CreateObject depend on FSO permissions? Wouldn&#039;t that only matter when invoking an FSO object? Or is that what you meant?

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    Default Has nothing to do with...

    ...whether you use Server.CreateObject or simply CreateObject.<BR><BR>If your host doesn&#039;t permit the Scripting.FileSystemObject, then you can&#039;t use it. Period.<BR><BR>You can use *OTHER* objects (assuming they haven&#039;t cut you off from them, as well). It has only to do with the forbidden object.<BR><BR>p.s.: Find a different host. This one is nutso paranoid.<BR><BR>

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