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Thread: CDONTS Bcc problem on Windows NT

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I have noticed that a newsletter that is being sent out using CDONTS is causing a problem.<BR>The recipients are Bcc&#039;d to hide them. They are batched into 25s to speed the ASP page up and avoid timeouts... it all works fine except! the recipients emails on the live server all appear in the "To" field!!<BR>On our staging server they dont appear at all as you would expect!<BR>The difference is that our development server is Windows 2000 and the clients live server is Windows NT...<BR><BR>I dropped a sample CDONTS ASP pager onto another NT server here and it did the same thing ... all the Bcc emails appear in the To field...<BR><BR>So, there appears to be a flaw in CDONTS on Windows NT?<BR>Can I get around this (they dont want to see all the email addresses appearing) Is it a service pack issue?<BR><BR>Any help much appreciated!!<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>John<BR>

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    never seen that, see what google tells you<BR><BR><BR>if you have a resolution can you share it with us here<BR>

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