Hi:<BR><BR>I have the following problem:<BR>I want to use a bunch of existing java classes as extensions for my asp<BR>files on IIS4.<BR><BR>I registered a class called "Apiclass" with the javareg utility and it works<BR>to call this file.<BR>The Apiclass is located in the winnntjavaTrustlibClassfolder and contains<BR>the function "doFunction".<BR><BR>The doFunction method calls the method "getToWork" in the java class<BR>"CallFunctionsClass" contained by the package "Classfolder", and compiled<BR>with JDK122 together with the ApiClass.<BR><BR>I want to use this "CallFunctionsClass to call some more existing java<BR>classes that work with my jdk.<BR>I don&#039t know if this would work without registering every single one of them<BR>for the IIS, but I wanted to give it try.<BR>(Question 1: Can I achieve this at all: Getting an easy interface to all my<BR>java classes?)<BR><BR>So far the main problem was that I did not even get so far, because I got an<BR>"java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError" when I try to call the "doFunction" in line<BR>11.<BR>Obviously this happens when I call the "CallFunctionClass.getToWork()"<BR>method. with the "doFunction"<BR>The doFunction works if I just return a string and don&#039t call any methods.<BR>I tried it with registrating the CallFunctionsClass and without.<BR>The methods work fine if I execute them with jdk122 form the command line.<BR>(Question 2: What is my mistake here? Can I call a second class form a class<BR>called by ASP at IIS?)<BR><BR><BR>Thanks in advance if anybody can help me.<BR>Best regards Martin<BR><BR>my asp:<BR>*******************<BR>l 10 Set Obj = Server.CreateObject("Classfolder.Apiclass")<BR>l 11 Response.Write Obj.doFunction<BR><BR>ApiClass<BR>**************** **<BR>package XMLExport;<BR>import XMLExport.*; // not necessary anyway<BR><BR>class Apiclass {<BR> public String doFunction()<BR> {<BR> String ret = ClassFolder.CallFunctionClass.getToWork();<BR> // also tried String ret = CallFunctionClass.getToWork();<BR> return "ret";<BR> }<BR>}<BR><BR>CallFunctionsClass<BR>************** **********<BR>package XMLExport;<BR><BR>class CallFunctionClass{<BR> public static String getToWork() {<BR> // differnent function calls planed<BR> }<BR>}<BR><BR><BR><BR>