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    I&#039;m creating an English site which hopes to attract foreign interest. I am wondering what happens if a foreign user, using double bite characters (e.g. Korean), creates a password at our site using their non-english-character keyboard? Do I have to take that into account in my scripting/database?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Geoff

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    Two things you need to change:<BR><BR>1. Specify the proper characterset in the html:<BR>&#060;meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=unicode" /&#062;<BR>or something like that...<BR><BR>2. In your database you should use columns of type nchar, nvarchar or ntext for storing unicode characters.<BR>(Those are the names for SQL Server, I don&#039;t know what these datatypes are called in other databases.)

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