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    my problem description is as below:<BR><BR>my current window A open a window B(form) by using the javascript( after the user has filled the form, the info in window B will be sent back to the window A(opener) and the window B will close by only clicking on the ok button provided. <BR><BR>the code for the sending info back to the window A is as below:<BR>opener.T1.value = "dff";<BR>window.close();<BR><BR>the T1 here is the textbox in the window A.<BR><BR>this code dun work well. the "dff" do not send back to the window A successfully.<BR>what is the problem????<BR><BR>the window A is actually a frame in my page. is this caused this problem to arise??? <BR><BR>thanks you so much....<BR>

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    try opener.forms[0].T1.value = "dffff";

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