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    I have a website that has a shopping cart it also has a link to another website (XYZ). If a user add something to there shopping cart then clicks over to the other website (XYZ), is there a way to display the shopping cart on the new website (XYZ)? <BR><BR>(I can have the new website (XYZ) program anyuthing that I&#039;d like. Any suggestions?

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    Yes, but not with sessions.<BR>Sessions only work for the website that it was set on. One the user leaves that website, the new website can&#039;t read the old website&#039;s session data. Same with cookies.<BR>You will need to pass it in a querystring, or a form, I would guess. That, or keep all information in a temporary database until they "check out".<BR>If you can have the other website program anything you want, this shouldn&#039;t be a problem.<BR>If you aren&#039;t "sharing" shopping cart data between websites, you could also have a hidden (or viewable) frame that holds all your shopping cart data for the old website. This way, the old website is never left, and the shopping cart would work normally - no extra programming required aside from building a few frames.<BR>But, personally I hate frame. It&#039;s up to you.

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