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    HI<BR> I have two textarea on my page. I let user type 500 characters in each textarea. IF user type more than 500 character in first textarea, I automatically set the focus on the second text area where they can type the rest.<BR><BR>My problem is I want to count how many time a user has press enter in first text area. I mean if user press enter more than 6 times than I want to send them to second text area automatically.<BR><BR>Can any one help me out. I want to count number of times a user has press enter using javascript. PLEASE I really need help <BR><BR>Thanx in advance<BR><BR>Asif

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    This would need to be accomplished using Client-side Javascript.. Perhaps asking on a JavaScript forum will get you some answers.

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    In my haste to sift through that message I failed to realize that you already knew that..<BR><BR>but again, I have to say that this is perhaps not the best place to ask that question. I know a little bit of JavaScript (only enough to write form validators and calculators).. but something like this is beyond my scope of knowledge... I&#039m going to risk saying that most of the people here are in the same boat as me.. sorry. :)

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