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    Hi, I&#039;m trying to build a selectbox without using the common selectbox tag.<BR>I planned to use a input object and a layer to show and to hide. If I have no problem showing the layer, just putting the code in the onclick event of the input, I get some trouble hiding it: I want to cloak it when it loses his focus but the div tag doesn&#039;t have the blur event, only the layer tag, but it&#039;s supported just by netscape.<BR>So to hide it I tought to put the code for hiding it at window.click and to set cancelbubble to the input tag.<BR>In that way it should works when clicking on the body of the page but not when resizing or doing anything out of the html area of the page.<BR>I wondered how scripts like the one you can get at http://webfx.eae.net/dhtml/dhtmlmenu4/demos.html catch the click out of the page and hide the layer.<BR>Thank you

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    Why not put an event handler on the click event of the body tag?<BR><BR>Craig.

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