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    I have created dependent dropdown lists, the 1st one for main items and when choosing an item the 2nd ddl displays the details ,, it&#039;s working fine with setting autopostback = true but this is the problem ,, I need to do it without needing for re-load the page all over again ,, I have found many solutions how to do this with javascript but with classic ASP <BR>so how do it with ASP.Net???<BR>and is there any trick to do it any other way if it&#039;s not possible with javascript <BR><BR>i am new to asp.net and desperately your help<BR><BR>thanks

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    " am new to asp.net "<BR><BR>understand that ASP.NET is a server side language, meaning it is all 100% processed on the, ta da, server... which means it requires having the data sent from web browser to the server, which you guessed it, requires posting the data<BR><BR>wanna stay on the browser? javascript is your answer

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