I am a senior developer and owner of a small consulting and<BR>software development business in the Detroit Michigan area.<BR>I have over 7 years of professional development experience <BR>and 15 years of professional experience in the computer<BR>industry. I always code for performance and scalability and<BR>specialize in performance tuning IIS web sites, scripts, and<BR>data access. My current schedule allows me to work 25-30 hours <BR>a week on billable projects.<BR><BR>I am a fully incorporated company so tax liability and <BR>insurance are non-issues. Proof of GL insurance and<BR>workmans comp available on request.<BR> <BR>My resume is available at http://www.anomalydev.com/ckresume.zip<BR>My web site, http://www.anomalydev.com contains <BR>a project portfolio.<BR> <BR>Please contact me if you are interested,<BR> Chris Kaminski<BR> Anomaly, Inc.<BR> www.anomalydev.com<BR> chris@anomalydev.com<BR>