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Thread: CDONTS & big mailing lists - viability

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    I&#039m looking into using CDONTS to send out my site&#039s mailing list but I&#039m concerned about load on the server if the number of users grows too large - does anyone have any experience using this for larger-sized mailing lists (particularly in a shared-hosting environment)? Thanks in advance

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    oh boy...i don&#039t know what LARGER means...but I can tell you I learned from this the hard way some time ago. We sent an email to a relatively LARGER (600)amount of users and almost crashed our entire NT server. :( Rhere may have been other contributing factors, but nonetheless from there on out, we used LYRIS, which was developed for that purpose, and had no problems. i think there are some free ASP components out there now that do this too.<BR><BR>good luck!<BR><BR>

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