Hi, I am using template columns for building hyperlinks for each cell item in the datagrid. Below is the issue, I would highly appreciate if anybody can take time and give me the solution with sample codes. Thanks in advance.<BR><BR>I am building a datagrid programmatically that has 5 columns. <BR><BR>a) ID (b)Location (c) Day1 (d) Day2 (e) Day3<BR><BR>All columns are template columns. I want to set up the URL for each item in the cells such that the link takes two arguments ID and &#039;Day&#039;. <BR><BR> for example if the table is as follows<BR><BR>ID &#124 Location &#124 Day1 &#124 Day2 &#124 Day3<BR> <BR>1 &#124 xyz &#124 10 &#124 ...etc<BR>----------------------------------<BR>2 &#124 abc &#124 5 ....<BR>----------------------------------<BR>..etc<BR>I want to have the url for &#039;10&#039; i.e. column-day1 and row-1 as follows<BR><BR>"details.aspx?day=day1&id=1"<BR><BR > <BR><BR>Can anybody suggest with example codes how can I get this programmatically. Waiting for eagerly for response, thanks your time in advance.<BR><BR>-Ubayeed<BR><BR>